Winter Preparations

Every year about this time, those of us living in the northern states shift from lawn mowing and landscaping to winter preparations. We now the lawn and put away the mowers, straighten up the yard, put away furniture etc.

This year I have the added task of getting The Shed ready for the cold. Last year I just put up all the tools and stopped building for the winter but this year I want to be able to build during the winter. I also am more in need of an office so I am cleaning, insulating and heating the shed over the winter. The installation of a computer in the shop allows me to spend more time in the shop. I now don’t have to run back inside
It’s a meager space but it fits my needs for now and helps me with my “outlet” of woodworking 😉

Winter Preparations in the office:

Getting ready for winter - computer cabinet
Getting ready for winter - computer cabinet