Winter again

It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter again and we all know what that means–PAIN! OK, so maybe you aren’t in pain all winter unless you’ve broken some bones. Sadly enough, I have learned/developed a pattern over the last 5-10 years.

The Routine

As you may or may not know, once you’ve broken a bone, it’s very difficult to re-break it. This is because when the bone heals, it doesn’t just grow back together–it reinforces. During the healing process, a layer of calcium covers the break as an added layer of protection. I can definitely tell that this is the case because the first year or so after a break, I can tell that the joint/bone is stronger. In the last 2 years I’ve broken both ankles and they are now stronger and more stable than ever. (I’ve always had trouble with my ankles)

This is all great right? Yes and no. While the bones are stronger than ever, I have learned that the SECOND winter after I’ve broken a bone is the most painful. I don’t know exactly why it’s always the second, but that’s what I’ve observed. (The exception to this rule is the thumb I shattered. That one hurt like a bugger the first winter due to all of the cracks in the bone. The pain has never really gotten better and probably never will.

It has now the second winter since I fractured both the tibia and fibula in my left ankle and it’s already giving me trouble. In the mornings the ankle doesn’t want to cooperate as much and it aches almost constantly. Cold and wet weather causes the pain to worsen. Early indications hint at a very cold (and probably) wet winter and so…winter again. I won’t get much of a reprieve next year, because 2017 will be the second winter since I broke the fibula in my right ankle. That bone break was worse, so I expect two bad winters in a row.

The Lesson

In closing, I will offer one recommendation: DON’T BREAK BONES! If only I could follow my own advice, but at this point, I’m break-shocked. I’m always wondering not IF I’ll break another bone but WHEN. Just 10 months after the last ankle, I still watch every step I make no matter where I’m walking. So please, don’t follow my example! 🙂