The Roger Story

I have reached the point in life where I find myself asking, “Who am I”. What seems a simple question is very complicated. Throughout life, I have been different people at different times. Once the outgoing carefree kid, I eventually became the introverted, withdrawn teenager before becoming the adventurous twenty something. Then, who am I now?

Maybe I am lost—not as someone who wanders aimlessly through life, but as one who cannot really define himself. We have all been there and truthfully how can we accurately define ourselves? So how would I define myself? Am I a computer geek? A developer? A father? A Christian? A landscaper? Goofy, serious, sullen, happy?

In short, I am all those things and much more. I often ask myself the question “Is my story worth telling?†Maybe it is, maybe it is not—you decide!

One thing I can tell you about myself is that in have always been an avid student of history. For as long as I can remember, I had a thirst for it.  While I love learning about people and events in history, I have always wanted to know more. History tells us of all the great accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln, but what about the small things? The “typical†events in his childhood or hard lessons learned in the teenage years. I am sure if you look hard enough you can find all that stuff, and without it you really do not really know who he was and shy he made certain decisions later.

History remembers great (both good great and bad great) people all the time, but how did those people become great? Every human started as a baby with unique life events that shaped their attitudes, beliefs and decisions but what were those events? How did those experiences shape them?

This is what I ask myself often. I am sure that I share many experiences to similar people from my geographic area. However, the culmination of events and experiences makes each of us unique.

We all experience things that are much like others experiences, so why do we all deal differently. That is the intriguing thing about life. How is it that one person dealing with cancer becomes hardened and bitter while another is happy and accepting? Why does one person grieve for a lifetime over a lost loved one while another seems to come to terms with it rather quickly? What makes one person jump right back into the saddle so to speak while another completely withdraws?

These questions and more is what makes “The Cat Calls Me Roger†uniquely me. On the surface, I may seem as normal as the next person, but when you explore the deep recesses of my mind, you will discover that I am more than meets the eye.

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