The Cat Calls Me Roger

It all started on a warm spring day… Ok, so maybe not, but wouldn’t you like to learn what “The Cat Calls Me Roger” is all about? Simply put, Roger is me. It is the story of things I have faced in my life, my family, the day-to-day struggles, the triumphs. I believe we all have a story to tell and a lesson to share. Most of us live lives that we consider ordinary. However, it is this life that makes each one of us unique.

It is said that those that don’t learn from their history, are forced to repeat it. What happens if we never share our story? Who learns from the lessons we learned? I am a christian, and as such believe that there is much more to us than the few short years we spend here. Our legacy is how we glorified God and shared his love in our short time in these bodies. I also believe though that I have a unique story to share. You have a unique story to share. What happens to our stories if we don’t share them? Others may repeat the same mistakes we made, fall into the same pits we did.

I often struggle with blogging to create an About Me section or page. Unfortunately, an about me page is obsolete as soon as it is published. The very act of creating an About Me page forces us to examine who we are, what we have done, where we’ve been. This self-examination in itself changes us. So, I gave up creating “About Me” pages and instead have created this blog.

The Cat Calls Me Roger is about me, my life, my experiences. What was it like growing up as “The Hairy Mole”? What was it like being the older brother of a boy with childhood cancer? How as marriage to a woman who had a prior relationship with Ted Kennedy? Did 20+ years of migraine suffering change me?

Find the answers to these questions and more in The Cat Calls Me Roger!