Boy’s best friend

Prior to the age of 11, my best friend was Ginger. Our family was never very outgoing and social, so we kept to ourselves. I had some friends from school and some from church. However, there were very few people I saw outside of school or church. In late 1987, my brother was diagnosed with […]

Walking down memory lane

I have been sharing a disjointed and possibly skewed stroll down memory lane in my “Roger” series. It is said that we remember those events with the most meaning and impact to us. Unfortunately for me, those events have more often than not revolved around injury because of their lasting marks. However, while I take […]

Pets and Pet Care

Ft. Bragg soldier who drowned puppy must carry photo of dog, judge rules In our home, we’re passionate about pets and pet care. This particular story appalled me. It details how a soldier tied up his 8-month old lab mix and tossed it into a river. He said that he had done this because the dog had […]

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