Murphy’s Law

Two days ago, I suffered yet another injury. Despite my most earnest attempts, my seemingly never-ending string of unfortunate events continues. In my younger years, I was known not for the amount of my injuries, but the stories behind them. Now, I have become more known for the frequency at which they occur and my […]

The Toilet II – The sand lashes out

Don’t let the title fool you, this one’s all about the “sand”. They say that things happen in threes. I don’t know who “they” are, but they are wrong. For me, they’ve happened in dozens. The Toilet and The Sand are forever linked in my memory–not because of their similarities, but because of the timing. In […]

The Famous Toilet Incident

Continuing a never ending string of unfortunate events, I present the cases of the toilet and the sand. The toilet in 1991 and then the sand in 1992. Even at this early date, the nature of my accidents were becoming famous. The Beginning In the beginning, lived a small boy named Scott. This young boy was […]

Chevrolet ended my soccer career

I remember it well–the day a Chevrolet ended my soccer career. It was a brisk, Saturday morning in early October when my dream came to a crashing end. My course of my life was permanently altered that day. How I got here It was 1987 (I was 11) and I was in the prime of my […]

Clumsiness – Like Master, Like Dog

On the topic of clumsiness, we’ve learned that Buddy and I are “soul” brothers. We were both–seemingly–cut from the same mold. Yesterday as I mowed the lawn, I nearly ran over Buddy. He normally lies somewhere that I haven’t mowed–never where I have. It must be something about the feeling of the uncut grass. So […]

The Kitchen – Renovation Reality

You have to remember, it’s a trailer, nothing’s like a regular stick-built home. –Sara Haines (and it’s our mantra) Above is the (almost) finished product of our 2015 kitchen remodel that started the quest to build reclaimed products. The original goal was you install come counter tops, paint the cabinets, install a garbage disposal and […]

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