The Joy of Living

Through the years, I’ve been asked how I have been able to go through some the things I’ve experienced and laugh at them, or to keep a positive attitude. Simply put: I don’t always. Frankly, pain hurts (A LOT sometimes).

Messing with management

I decided a long time ago that life is too short not to have a little fun. And given some of the quirky management personnel I’ve had, the opportunities have been abundant! Management–What are they thinking? Anyone in the corporate world–or any job for that matter–knows that there are so many goofy, odd or downright […]

Not right in the head

“You’re not right in the head!” I have heard this many times in my life. Some would say it’s because of my slightly warped sense of humor. Others would argue that it’s because of the 20 years of migraines. However, I believe it’s much simpler than that! Both of those things account for me being […]

Save the peanut

As I’m sitting here starting up for the day, I couldn’t help thinking what it was like to be a peanut. For those peanuts in a shell by themselves, do they get lonely? In the shells with 3 or more peanuts, is there more tension, infighting, etc? When they are shelled and thrown in a […]

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