Betty is Cranky

A quick search on Google will lead you to a simple conclusion: Betty is cranky–with a capital C! The search I’m talking about is Plexus Reviews and you’ll find Betty on page 1. Betty, a 38 year old mother of two from Colorado, runs the website Plexus Point. A quick perusal of her site, and you’ll […]

Police Officers

Florida woman told to ‘stop calling 911’ hours before being killed in shooting Before I start getting responses about how I’m denigrating our police officers, STOP. That is not the intent of this article, so please continue reading. Truth be told, I didn’t read this article. I didn’t need to because I know how it’s going […]

Insurance companies are not evil

We have entered a new year in which we are inaugurating a new President, so some old debates have been stirred back up. Namely, the debate surrounding Obamacare and health insurance. I know I am going to step in it here but, contrary to popular belief, insurance companies are not evil. Unfortunately, there is no easy […]

Doggy daddy observations

Today I’d like to share some doggy daddy observations. Before I begin, I would like to say that “Yes, I know I’m not their father, and yes, I know they aren’t my kids”. However, it’s amazing how many things they do like us. It has been 2 weeks since we adopted Holly, and it’s amazing to […]

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