Sleep Study – How it went

A lot of people have asked me how my recent sleep study went.  This study WAS better than my original one in 2006 but “sleep” is a relative term in these studies. When I had my first study in 2006, it was on the third floor of the hospital in a “sterile” environment with a hospital bed and monitors all around me. I honestly don’t ever remember sleeping during that first study, but apparently I did.

This one was much different with similar results. The hospital has moved their sleep study area out of the hospital and into north Marion. The rooms look like this:

The sleep study room

The room “felt” like a bedroom, but the beds aren’t exactly the Hyatt or Marriott. There were however no monitors in the room, just a console where they plugged in the leads, but this is just part of the monitoring setup:

Wired up for Sleep Study
Imagine trying to sleep with these wires and a CPAP hose.

Needless to say, I didn’t get “much” sleep, but I did sleep some. My RLS didn’t help, but hopefully will be seeing a second neurologist to help with that.