Mobile home living is synonymous with lack of storage. So, we are always looking at shelving and storage ideas. We require any system of organization to be not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing. It is always a challenge to install shelving in a mobile home. The walls are constructed of randomly spaced 2×3 studs covered by 1/4″ drywall.
The simplest option was of course to buy shelf brackets and boards to sit on top of them but all of the brackets we found seemed much to utilitarian to be of interest to us. That’s when I ran across the idea for floating shelves. A floating shelf requires no extra hanging hardware. You use the shelf as the hanger.

The method is simple:

  • Cut an inch or two from the long edge of the shelf board.
  • Install dowels in that smaller piece of wood
  • Drill corresponding holes in the main shelf board
  • Mount the smaller board to the wall
  • Slide the full shelf onto the dowels

We created two different versions of our floating shelves that you can find below. The first is made from 2×10 reclaimed barn ceiling joists. The second is slightly more complicated to build but is stylishly constructed from reclaimed oak pallet slats.
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