Scale Models

During an extended sick leave of seven weeks after the surgical repair of my ankle, I picked up another hobby–scale models. After about three days on the couch in a cast and crutches, I could no longer stand the boredom of “screens”. I needed something to do and I remembered how much I had enjoyed building models as a kid. Granted, I never was very good, but I enjoyed it.
After a little searching on the internet, I bought a few models to start:

  • 1:48 scale F/A-18 Super Hornet (by Revell)
  • 1:72 scale F-22 Raptor (by Revell)
  • 1:90 USS Constitution (by Revell) – This was my dad’s that he started 30 years ago.
  • 1:25 scale 1956 Chevy Street Machine (by Monogram) – I found this one at my brother-in-law’s house.

In the beginning, I looked at this new hobby as a way to hone my woodworking skills. I’ve never been a great painter and sometimes get frustrated with small detail work. So, this would be a great way to get some practice. However, after just putting together half of my first model (the Super Hornet), I was hooked.

Within a few weeks, I found an online group called Online Scale Modelers¬†and got even more hooked. This group of guys have a passion for the hobby and a desire to teach others. Since that first month, I’ve accumulated a few dozen models and continue to look.

To see what I’m working on or have completed, CLICK HERE.

On OSM, we have build groups and feeds. I have laid mine out in much the same way. You’ll see the original box and sprues. Then, you’ll see pictures along the way with my progress. Wherever possible, I’ll also share new techniques I’ve learned.