Privacy Policy

A quick word on our privacy policy: we don’t sell lists. PERIOD! So why are we collecting you information?
We added MailChimp to the site a short time ago not to build a list for sale, but to gauge interest in our content. At The Slanted Shed, our primary goal is share high quality content and products with our subscribers, while protecting their privacy.

Do-it-yourself has become a catch phrase for a wide variety of topics. Our desire is to help each and every one of you become more independent and knowledgeable. We firmly believe that each and every person has the ability within themselves to achieve greatness. That is not to say that everyone is a master wood worker (I-Scott is not). However, we intend to show that with a little sweat and tears (and sometimes blood), you can save a lot of money doing things yourself.

By subscribing to our list, we hope you become an important part of the community we are building here. Share your ideas, tell us what you’ve done, ask us how to do something and by all means, request new projects for us.
We spend a lot of time as a family on social media and often find things we’d like to try. Unfortunately, plans for these projects are not always clear or even available. If you are not capable of building your own projects, don’t have the tools or the time, we are happy to build something for you. However, there’s no reason why we can’t share our experience so that maybe YOU can build some of your own things.