Patience – All in His time

Patience is a virtue. This is definitely one virtue I do not have! I am not someone that is good at waiting but the Bible speaks at length about this. A quick search on or through a good Bible concordance will return in scores of results about patience or time.

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!
–Psalms 27:14

Not having this virtue, I struggle when a situation requires it.  I am learning, but it is difficult to trust in the Lord for guidance–and patience. I used to wonder why certain things happened in one time, when I REALLY wanted/needed it in another. However, I now understand now that there is a perfect time for all things to happen. Still, I often lose patience because things aren’t falling into place as I want, when I want.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.
–Ecclesiastes 3:1

If everything I wanted happened when and where I wanted, would I still appreciate it? Would my life be different? How often does God give us just hat we want–but at a time when we didn’t ask for it? I have learned (even if I don’t always accept it) that while I may WANT something at a certain time, I may not be ready for it. Sometimes His answer isn’t so much a “No” as it’s a “Wait in due time”. If we always got everything we wanted when we wanted, I don’t think we’d appreciate it as much. Like a spoiled kid who never “wants” for anything because it’s always there, I think sometimes we we have to work for something to appreciate it.

The same thing holds true for working to have patience. The harder we work at patience, the more we’ll value the thing that required patience. God, just as a good father, sends us his blessings at the best time. It may not always be what WE consider to be the best time, but it will when we’re ready for it. No matter our age, we’re all still children. We may ask for something when we’re 20, but not be mature enough to have it until we’re 50. I have learned that through patience comes growth and maturity.