Can’t you sit still?

How many of us have had someone ask, “Can’t you sit still?” Sadly, for many of us in the world, we truly can’t. For some, it’s just shear hyperactivity, but for others, it’s a troublesome medical condition called RLS. For those of you unfamiliar, RLS stands for Restless-Leg Syndrome. Many doctors still deny the existence […]

Always the tinkerer

One thing I remember about Mike is that he was always the tinkerer. It didn’t matter what it was, what it cost or how complex, he ALWAYS wanted to know how it worked–and would figure it out. In many ways, I’m a lot like this but Mike took it to the extreme! An Example One […]

The Cat Calls Me Roger

Wait! What? The cat calls me Roger? You got it! It all started one typical Sunday afternoon in the Haines house during Sunday dinner. We had just sat down for Sunday dinner and like I always told the kids NOT to do, I hadn’t gone to the bathroom before I sat down. So, I excused […]

Fortunately, the story doesn’t end there

As the title suggest, fortunately the story doesn’t end with Mike’s death. We all know where he is spending eternity, but it’s more than that. This memorial is not intended to mourn him, but to remember him–the good with the bad! I beg everyone that knew Mike to come here and share your stories. I […]

The rest of the story

…and now, the rest of the story… —The Late Paul Harvey In 1994, at age 17, Mike was a freshman in high school–one of the oldest in his class. The next three years, I missed out on a lot of Mike’s life. I had graduated from high school and left home for college at Rose-Hulman. […]

The journey continued…

Following up on my first post, after Mike made it through that first year we thought the journey was over…we couldn’t have been more wrong. Mike was always underweight and the year-long fight when he was 10 didn’t help. However, this did not stop him from a relatively normal life. I say relatively because the […]

My baby brother Mike

Nearly 14 years ago my baby brother Mike went to be with the Lord.  His life was defined by his battle with colon cancer starting at age 10. During his life he touched countless numbers of people through his faith, determination and spirit.

5 months 21 hours

5 months 21 hours. That is how long it takes to install a new stereo head unit in a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Pioneer Edition. I may not take you that long, but that’s how much time I have invested in it. Background About 5 years ago, my Sport Trac was parked for nearly […]

Clumsiness – Like Master, Like Dog

On the topic of clumsiness, we’ve learned that Buddy and I are “soul” brothers. We were both–seemingly–cut from the same mold. Yesterday as I mowed the lawn, I nearly ran over Buddy. He normally lies somewhere that I haven’t mowed–never where I have. It must be something about the feeling of the uncut grass. So […]

Kitty mama

Kitty mama! This is Buddy watching over and “mothering” the kittens in the barn last summer. He bathed them, guarded them and played with them! Pictured above is Buddy “mothering” as he did all summer. We have a stray cat in the shed that the girls have named “Kitty Kitty”. Along those lines, we should have […]

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