Yesterday I went home to visit my parents–and my “pawpaw”. You never know what you’re going to get with him. Sometimes he’s visibly angry and others, he’s ready to talk about almost anything. This visit was one of the latter–the good visits. He’s the only grandparent I have left and as difficult as he may be, I […]


Like many American children, I had pet dirigibles as a child. You know–dirigibles. Those cute little rodents with the long tails? Ok, so maybe they aren’t called dirigibles. What I’m talking about are gerbils. But then again, I never had a gerbil–I had 3 hamsters and 4 Guinea pigs. So why do I say that […]

What is a Hoosier?

What exactly is a Hoosier? Simply put, a Hoosier is someone from Indiana, but what is the origin of the word? Theories abound, but I don’t believe there is a consensus about the origin. In fourth grade Indiana state history, we heard several different stories about Hoosier. Origin theory There’s the story about a knife […]

They don’t say Haines

Nobody remembers “They don’t say Haines until I say they say Haines” like I do. In the mid-1980’s, the Hanes company introduced Inspector 12. The commercials showed Inspector 12 stretching a pair of underwear while reciting the tagline above. Very catchy and memorable marketing. However, for a 4th grader with the name of Haines, that […]

Gone Fishing

As a child, I remember fishing being a big deal in our family. When I was about 6, my great-grandfather Dewey (John Dewey Haines) died while fishing. I don’t remember much about Grandpa Dewey, but I know that fishing was his “release”. My understanding is that he and my grandma Lucille were never happy together. […]


Grandparents. We all hold a special place in our hearts for them. Grandma is the one we go to yummy sweets and huge hugs. Grandpa is the one who shares years a lifetime of wisdom with us. In general, grandma’s (and grandpa’s) is where we go the stuff we can’t get at home–spoiling! This is not […]

Boy’s best friend

Prior to the age of 11, my best friend was Ginger. Our family was never very outgoing and social, so we kept to ourselves. I had some friends from school and some from church. However, there were very few people I saw outside of school or church. In late 1987, my brother was diagnosed with […]

Walking down memory lane

I have been sharing a disjointed and possibly skewed stroll down memory lane in my “Roger” series. It is said that we remember those events with the most meaning and impact to us. Unfortunately for me, those events have more often than not revolved around injury because of their lasting marks. However, while I take […]

Murphy’s Law

Two days ago, I suffered yet another injury. Despite my most earnest attempts, my seemingly never-ending string of unfortunate events continues. In my younger years, I was known not for the amount of my injuries, but the stories behind them. Now, I have become more known for the frequency at which they occur and my […]

Yard therapy

This past weekend I mowed for the first time of the season. For me, the first mow marks the start of my yearly yard therapy. You see, I suffer from seasonal affective disorder–apparently it’s a thing. (Isn’t there a name or a disorder for everything these days?) SAD isn’t something for which I seek therapy. […]

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