Doggy daddy observations

Today I’d like to share some doggy daddy observations. Before I begin, I would like to say that “Yes, I know I’m not their father, and yes, I know they aren’t my kids”. However, it’s amazing how many things they do like us.

It has been 2 weeks since we adopted Holly, and it’s amazing to watch her interact with Buddy. She came to us as a scared, timid and untrained little puppy. Our best guess is that she’s between 12 and 18 months of age. It doesn’t appear that her previous owners trained or exercised her with any regularity. Now, she acts like she’s been a member of the family from the beginning.

Like Buddy, she has already attached to me and follows me around as much or more than him. For the last two weeks, we’ve had to constantly scold Buddy for taking her toys or eating her food. He’s even gone so far as to push her away from her toy, bone or food. Both of them are “jealous” for my affections. When I’m playing or loving on one of them, the other voices their displeasure by barking or growling at the other one.

Last night though, I watched Holly do something very cute and childlike. She had moved away from her bone that we bought her, so immediately, Buddy grabbed it and started working on it. When she noticed this she went over to the “toy and treat” basket and grabbed one of Buddy’s bones. I expected her to start chewing on it, but she didn’t. She set the bone down about a foot from Buddy’s nose and with her nose, she started pushing it subtly and slowly towards Buddy’s nose.

Similarly, when we brought Holly home, Buddy did something similar. He went to the same basket and brought out his favorite little stuffed animal. (NOTE: The dogs “favorites” only last a week or two. After that, they chew out all the eyes and nose. Once the eyes and noses are gone, the rip it to shreds and move on) He then ran up to Holly and put the toy down right in front of her.

Please don’t think I attribute human traits to my dogs. I do watch and sometimes sit amazed at their behavior, but I also realize that they are animals. We sometimes sit around watching the animals and ponder what is going on in their heads and things like this give us a little glimpse of it.