Why DIY? For us it’s mainly out of necessity. When you’re on a shoestring budget you pretty much have to find ways to make things work. How many of us can spent $75 an hour for a plumber, $60-100 per hour for an auto mechanic, who knows how much for an electrician (I don’t know because I’ve never called one).
The kitchen remodel we did a year ago would have cost us upwards of $5,000 more than what we spent. I’ve seen headboards like mine go for $500 or more. Electricians, mechanics, plumbers and other trades people get paid a premium because they do things and know things that the rest of us don’t.
However, the Internet is a wonderful things sometimes. We have Google, we have YouTube and countless other sites that tell us with movies or pictures how to do some of these things, so for us, it’s a logical choice to spent time learning how to do it ourselves. And it has been well worth it for us!