Dad, you ain’t right

One of the most common phrases I hear around the house is “Dad, you ain’t right!”. I also hear “What is WRONG with you?” quite often as well. You could say that I got it from my family–you’d be wrong of course. For the most part, the sense of humor in the Haines family is pretty non-existent. However, for me, we’re surrounded by “humor”. You think God doesn’t have a sense of humor? Look in the mirror. (yeah, I know, that was mean, but seriously…take a closer look!)


Honestly, I don’t know how ANYONE can live in this world and not see humor all around them. There are some VERY terrible things that happen in this world, but also some extremely funny ones! Rather than dwell on the bad, why not look at the good–or funny? I laugh at myself all the time, and so do a lot of people! (Laugh at me that is–sometimes not even just by looking at me) We all have stories–even you–but how you tell them makes all the difference.

For example, how do you tell the story of breaking your foot? Do you tell people that you broke your foot on the way to a soccer game and you missed the “game of your life”? Or, do you tell them that your grandfather ran over your foot with his car? That one time you cut your finger–do you say that you cut your finger the bone and now can’t use it? Or, do you tell them that you cut it off with a toilet and that it turned out to be a real crappy day? (True story both of them–although not cut OFF, just nearly off)

These are just a few of the stories that you’ll be able to read about soon enough. Sure, these stories have had a major impact on my life (like arthritis that keeps me down most of the winter) but there is humor to be found in even some of the worst situations. That’s what I believe has defined me over the years–my ability to find some positive in the dark times.