Clumsiness – Like Master, Like Dog

On the topic of clumsiness, we’ve learned that Buddy and I are “soul” brothers. We were both–seemingly–cut from the same mold. Yesterday as I mowed the lawn, I nearly ran over Buddy. He normally lies somewhere that I haven’t mowed–never where I have. It must be something about the feeling of the uncut grass.

So just like all of my dogs, he’s afraid of the mower. When I came around the corner, he jumped and tried to flee. To him, this loud machine was chasing him–it wasn’t of course because I trained it to only chase strangers. Here’s where we’re just alike. Instead of turning and running, he ran backwards in my mowing path. This is when he tripped over his own feet and went down. We were on a hill and the brake on my mower doesn’t work well, so I was frantically trying to swerve and stop before I ran over him.

Alas, the day was one of humor–not sorry. We both live to mow another day! And, we have another one of those funny moments between master and dog.