Police Officers

Florida woman told to ‘stop calling 911’ hours before being killed in shooting Before I start getting responses about how I’m denigrating our police officers, STOP. That is not the intent of this article, so please continue reading. Truth be told, I didn’t read this article. I didn’t need to because I know how it’s going […]

Week 1 of Plexus

I have completed week 1 on Plexus. A week ago I started taking “the pink drink” as they call it–Plexus Slim. I started ProBio 5 four days ago and Cleanse 2 days ago.  It is still too early to notice any major changes. However, I have noticed improved sleep and differences in my morning routine. My “quality” […]

The Cat Calls Me Roger

It all started on a warm spring day… Ok, so maybe not, but wouldn’t you like to learn what “The Cat Calls Me Roger” is all about? Simply put, Roger is me. It is the story of things I have faced in my life, my family, the day-to-day struggles, the triumphs. I believe we all […]

Treatment worse than the condition

Today, like so many others, I was experienced treatment worse than the condition. This is yet another reason that I started Plexus yesterday. It started as a typical Sunday morning with us getting up and heading out to church. Shortly after arriving, I noticed that I was having some visual difficulties. Everything looked much more vivid […]

A “new” beginning

Today I embarked on a new quest that prayerfully will bring and end to this terrible journey. It’s not so adventurous as the search for Dread Pirate Roberts but for me it’s a huge step. Ever the skeptic, I rarely try any of the holistic or one cure fits all options presented to me. Basically, […]

Being different

We live in a world today that encourages and embraces sameness. Those that are different are scorned, ridiculed or worse. However, try as we might, we’ll never really become the same. No two of us are the same–we’re all unique. Our differences start from the point of conception. While the development process is very similar for each […]

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