2005 Corvette C6 convertible

I currently own two Corvette scale models–partly in an effort to redeem my child self. When I was a young boy, I built an 80’s Convertible that can only be described as a paint bomb. I would love to have that model back so I could rebuild it but it was thrown out by my […]

F/A-18E Super Hornet

The first model I assembled after my 30 year hiatus is also another F/A-18 E Super Hornet. That model was built as a USMC 2-seat trainer and was built up with bright, colorful insignias. After building that one, I built an F-16 with “plain” insignias that would have been seen on active duty, so I […]

1953 Ford F-100 Custom

It’s my birthday, and I thought it high time I get a new truck! This is how it works when you’re male, in your 40s and have no money–your midlife crisis is “smaller”. This year, I picked up this 1/25 scale 1953 Ford F-100. I never really had much love for the 1950’s Fords until […]

F-16A/C Fighting Falcon

My favorite aircraft of all time is the F-16. I think it started around the time Iron Eagle came out in the mid-1980’s. While I enjoyed Top Gun for many of the same reasons, the F-16 is a sleeker, more maneuverable aircraft. The United States Air Force has been trying to replace the F-16 for […]

1988 USA-1 Chevrolet Monster Truck

A few weeks ago, my boss was cleaning out some of the stuff at his house and ran across 4 models he never really started. One of them was this beauty, a 1988 USA-1 Chevrolet Monster Truck. As shown in the picture, the model was intended to be just like the real life USA-1 truck […]

1953 Ford Crestline Sunliner

The 1953 Ford Crestline Sunliner replaced the Super Deluxe and was followed by the Fairlane. This model was Ford’s luxury sedan for the mid 1950’s. When I spotted this model at Hobby Lobby, I hadn’t initially intended to buy it. However, it was a $30 model marked down to $7.50 so I picked it up. […]

Scale Modeling

During an extended sick leave of 7 weeks after the surgical repair of my ankle, I picked up another hobby–scale model building. I’m not wired such that I can sit in front of screens all day (computers, phones, etc). While I do my fair share, I still MUST get out for fresh air and activity […]

F/A-18F Super Hornet

This was my first model in 30 years. During the build process, I learned a lot of lessons that have helped me hone my skills. I don’t have any build pictures for this model, but this is what I have: As of October, 2018, I have started building an F/A-18E Super Hornet. That build can […]

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