Dishwasher Disaster

The Incident On August 29, 2019, I dropped Sierra off at our home after school only to find what can only be described as a disaster. When we walked in the front door, a geyser was shooting out of the bottom of the dishwasher. On first inspection, there was also one inch of water in […]

Landscaping bug bite

The landscaping bug has bit me big time this year. For several years after we got married (more than we’d care to admit), we neglected our current home because we had bigger plans. We looked for that ONE old farm home that we both wanted. Prayed for the perfect situation, the perfect property. Then, we […]

2017 Yard Makeover

Even though I’m pretty good at landscaping and have a passion for it, it’s hard to describe a makeover without before and after images. The gallery below shows before and after pictures. From here, you seeoriginal condition of the yard and steps needed to “correct” it. I consider myself to be a “minimalist” when I […]

Mother of invention

It is said that “necessity is the mother of invention”. For me, I would expand that to say “necessity–without means–is the mother of invention”. If you were to walk around our house, explore my workshop or even inspect our cars, you would see this in living color. Show me the money! I have had what many […]

Summer Struggles

Summer is sometimes a real struggle for me. It’s one of those things that made my choice of major so difficult when I went back to school. I was torn between something I knew would support my family and something I loved above all. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I’d rather be […]


Mobile home living is synonymous with lack of storage. So, we are always looking at shelving and storage ideas. We require any system of organization to be not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing. It is always a challenge to install shelving in a mobile home. The walls are constructed of randomly spaced 2×3 studs covered by […]

Custom Products

This is a pallet entry table I custom built for a friend. I haven’t had much luck in the the past with furniture, but this one came out perfect! The Design Process During the summer of 2015, I started building things for our kitchen and was getting some interest from friends. I posted my first […]


This headboard is one of the first things I created for the home. My good ideas tend to create more work for me. During a project, I find new things that, unfortunately expand the project. I very much enjoyed this first project. I built this piece using reclaimed rough sawn wood from my father-in-law’s barn. […]

Non-Pallety Pallet Project

When I am considering a pallet project, I turn to social media for ideas, feedback and planning. For this and other hobby topics, social media can be a wonderful resource. However, one drawback can be lack of originality or variety. So often, when I find a pallet project, it looks like all the others. People are […]

Hardware stores

After an unsuccessful 30 minute stop in my local Lowe’s, I’ve decided that it’s time to bring back the mom and pop hardware store! During my recent frustrating visit to Lowe’s I asked myself “Why do I even bother coming here?” The Local Mom & Pop The place where they always know your name and […]

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