Betty is Cranky

A quick search on Google will lead you to a simple conclusion: Betty is cranky–with a capital C! The search I’m talking about is Plexus Reviews and you’ll find Betty on page 1. Betty, a 38 year old mother of two from Colorado, runs the website Plexus Point. A quick perusal of her site, and you’ll find out exactly how she feels about Plexus.

Betty’s motives

Now, I know that I’ve only been on the system for a short time, so as far as I know, she could be right–for some people. The problem I have with Betty, is objectivity. You have to look at her site to see that objectivity has been skewed. I look at the site and the first thing I think is “Really? This lady paid for webhosting and a domain name all to put 18 posts on the web and open a complaint forum. She questions the motives about Plexus Worldwide, but what about HER motives? Unfortunately, this is how our society has evolved. It’s far easier to voice a negative opinion than to stand up for a positive one.

When evaluating a product I think it’s important to look at as many reviews on both sides as you can. I’m sure there are many cases where Plexus hasn’t been “right” for someone. How often is that the case though? Like I’ve said before, we’re all different. You could suffer from the EXACT issues I have, but my solution might not work for you. However, I’ll tell you the good and bad of what I’ve tried. For example, Imitrex does a fabulous job for me in treating acute migraines. Unfortunately, as I’ve also discussed, Imitrex makes me feel worse, longer than the actual migraine. What about NSAIDs and pain relievers? Tylenol used to work for me, but now it doesn’t. Aleve has NEVER helped, but ibuprofen always does.

What is in a review?

When I look at Betty’s motives (And others), I really have to evaluate how they are saying it as much as what they are saying. Is everything they are saying negative? Does it sound like they are out for vengeance? What are they telling you about their journey? Are there extenuating circumstances? When I read Betty’s blog, I picture a bitter, old-looking woman who tried something that didn’t work and now she requires justice. She goes so far to state: “Nowhere will you find the product bashed like in here!” What does that tell you about her motives?

Plexus vs what?

I’m not saying that Plexus is going to be the magic bullet for everyone–or even anyone. Everywhere you go on their site, you find disclaimers: *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA…* or such. It might not work for you–but it might! What I can tell you with absolute truth is that on this site, you will read about my journey. I’ll tell you about things that worked, how they worked and any “side-effects” I may have experienced. If I find something that provides absolute, total relief, then you’ll see me shouting from the rooftops! (Not really…Sara won’t let me on the roof until I buy more life insurance.) If I find something that made me worse or had terrible side effects, you’ll hear that too. (Probably NOT from the rooftops because if it made me worse, I’m really in no condition for the roof.)

So, let’s be a little less negative and maybe a lot more objective about things ok?