Another Loss

Another Sunday has come and gone and the Colts have recorded yet another loss. Is it really all that surprising? We have arguably one of the best young quarterbacks in the league but he spends most of his time plastered to the turf on his back or scrambling for his life. We have a high scoring offense to go with a mediocre defense.

So, is it really all that surprising that we are sitting at 2-4 and at the bottom of the AFC South (arguably the weakest division in the league)? Irsay needed to fire either Grigson and/or Pagano last year. However, both given contract extensions. The offense had glaring weaknesses and the defensive line was non-existent. Why then were they extended? What has Grigson done since he’s been in Indy? He drafted Andrew Luck and TY Hilton. Does that warrant an extension? I think not! (Who WOULDN’T have drafted Andrew Luck?)

To tell you the truth, I’m a fan of Jim Irsay. He has struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. But who of us are without blemish or fault? He has done a lot of good things in the city, but I really couldn’t tell you what he was thinking signing those extensions last year. I know a lot of people blame him for the Peyton Manning thing, but I understand that decision.

With the offensive line we had when Peyton was trying to come back from his neck, there’s NO WAY Peyton would have lasted 5 games let alone 4 seasons and another Super Bowl. To sign Peyton would have cash strapped the team for years! (In that 4 years where Peyton was paid $100 million by the Broncos, we had Andrew Luck for the bargain of $24 million. Andrew–a young QB with the ability to scramble behind the patchwork O-line)

2-4. Another lackluster season. It’s difficult to watch Colts football these days.I guess there’s always next year. (Unfortunately this is now the motto, slogan, mantra of Colts fans everywhere)