16 years…

Michael Edwin Haines, 25, Fairland, died Mar. 6, 2003. He was born May 22, 1977 in Greenfield. He was a graduate of New Palestine High School and ITT Technical Institute. He had worked for INSIGHT Distribution and Eagle Micro-Computers. Services will be 11 a.m. Mon. Mar. 10 in Hendryx Mortuary, New Palestine, with calling from […]

The Joy of Living

Through the years, I’ve been asked how I have been able to go through some the things I’ve experienced and laugh at them, or to keep a positive attitude. Simply put: I don’t always. Frankly, pain hurts (A LOT sometimes).

Pancho and Lefty

As with all legends, you might think this is a story that began a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. You’d be wrong! You might also think that this is a song by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. You’d be wrong again! No, this is a story of two friends’ struggle […]

The Sears Catalog – the stuff of dreams

Another title that makes no sense, eh? Not really. It makes perfect sense for a few little boys whose parents didn’t “keep up with the Jones”. We spent HOURS going through the Sears catalog every year circling, re-circling and dreaming. For us, the Sears catalog signified the coming of Christmas. It was always that time […]

Stubborn streak

I often worry that insider stories I write about Mike will denigrate his memory or legacy. However, we all have our flaws that make us unique. For Mike, one of those flaws was his stubborn streak. I can talk about this flaw easily because it’s one of the prevailing traits of all of the men […]

Reflections of a “professional” student

This week we’ve been preparing for Abby to move into her college dorm and begin her freshman year. During the process, I’ve had a chance to reflect on my time as a student–and it was a lot of time! Along the way, I had some good stories and some bad. Comparing my stories to what […]

Time flies

Time is a funny thing. When you’re 10, an hour feels like a week. At 40, that same hour seems like mere minutes. It’s all about perspective really, to a 10 year old, an hour is a larger fraction of time in relation to the time you’ve been alive. I’m not really telling any of […]

Ted Kennedy

I’m going to step out on a limb and assume something for a moment. Ted Kennedy is not a key memory in most marriages or divorces in this country. I’m well aware that you should not assume, but I think I’m safe on this one. This is still one of my primary memories of my first […]

Messing with management

I decided a long time ago that life is too short not to have a little fun. And given some of the quirky management personnel I’ve had, the opportunities have been abundant! Management–What are they thinking? Anyone in the corporate world–or any job for that matter–knows that there are so many goofy, odd or downright […]

Toilet paper

In a continuation of my potty posts, I bring you the story of the toilet paper. This is not a weird injury story! Rather, this is a story from my days as Systems Manager at The Shelbyville News. Background The Shelbyville News was a small Paxton newspaper in Shelbyville, Indiana. The joke in town was […]

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